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Welcome to Mulu World Heritage Area.

This spectacular rainforest took 60 million years to create. It is one of the most important natural sites in South East Asia and will leave you in awe of its beauty. Discover the difference….Understand the importance.

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a little about Mulu Heritage

First there’s the topography with the landscape ranging in altitude from just 50 metres above sea level near park headquarters to the peaks of Gunung Mulu at 2,377 metres and then we have the unique underground environments of the caves. Combine this with a geology of alluvial clays, sandstone and limestone formations to produce dozens of niches and specialist environments for both plants and animals.

activities & tours

November 30, 2017


MYR 35.00

*per person includes guide fee.

DURATION: 3 hours + bat exodus

START TIMES: 14:00/ 14:30 at Park HQ -DAILY TOURS


WHAT TO BRING: Raincoat/poncho

                                   sturdy non-slip shoes


                                   insect repellant


(drinks and snacks for sale @the Bat Observatory)

  • A 3km almost flat walk on raised plank walks takes you to the Bat observatory (45 minutes to 1 hour).
  • Walk another 500m to reach one of the world’s largest cave passages, home to more than 3 million Wrinkle Lipped bats. A large number of swiftlets also roost in Deer Cave where the high cave ceilings (more than 100m in some places) provide a safe haven against predators.
  • Enjoy the sheer size of this limestone passage, an ancient riverbed, and see the force of water carving the scalloped walls.
  • Once you reach the green oasis of Garden of Eden you have walked 800m inside Deer Cave. Enjoy the unique showerhead formations of Adam and Eve’s showers spouting columns of water 30m to the riverbed below.
  • Returning almost the same way, but with views from different angles, you will visit Lang Cave with wonderful limestone shawls, stalagmites and stalactites. Bats are easier to see in this smaller cave and you will be very close to the shimmering webs of thread worm larvae, another miniscule wonder of Mulu caves.
  • The tour is timed to coincide with the bat exodus which could start any time from after 17:00.
  • To walk to Deer cave to witness the Bat exodus is a FREE excursion, BUT you cannot enter Deer or Lang cave without payment beforehand and a guide (as is the normal procedure). Expect to be back at HQ by 18:30 to 19:00, should the bats fly.
  • A small kiosk at the Bat Observatory sells drinks and snacks until 17:30. PLEASE BRING YOUR EMPTY TINS/PACKAGING BACK WITH YOU TO HQ as per World Heritage prescription.
  • Toilets and designated smoking area available.
  • This Deer Cave tour is also included in the Garden of Eden Valley walk. Keep this in mind as not to duplicate bookings.
October 29, 2017


MYR 67.00

*per person includes guide and longboat fees.

DURATION: 4 hours - DAILY tours

START TIMES: 08:45/09:15

WHAT TO BRING: Swimming costume

                                  Cash (Batu Bungan market)

  • Cruise up the Melinau river in a longboat and visit a Penan longhouse & market at Batu Bungan (market not open on Sundays).
  • 2nd stop at Cave of the Winds where you have to negotiate a long ramp and a few stairs.
  • 3rd stop Clearwater where the subterranean river emerges from the cliff face. Take 200 stairs to enter the cave to marvel at the Monophilia Pendula endemic to Mulu. Clearwater is one of the biggest cave systems in the world, measuring over 220km in length.
  • Swimming inside the cave is not permitted, however a cool down in the natural crystal-clear waters at the picnic deck is a must. Float with the fish and enjoy the rainforest around you.
  • The Park tour does NOT include any food & beverage, feel free to bring your own. Café Mulu sells packed lunches on request.
  • Toilets and a designated smoking area available.
  • This tour can also be included in the Pinnacles tour.
September 1, 2017


MYR 65.00

*per person includes guide and boat fee.

DURATION: 2 and a half hours


  • A short boat ride up the Melinau, a 10-20 minute walk through the rainforest and a climb up the steps to the cave entrance brings you to the start of a 1,5km underground adventure.
  • The tour size is limited to 12 people.
  • The tour begins by torch light encouraging you to ‘discover’ for yourself. Cave fauna is easily seen at the beginning of this trip: twinkling spider eyes stare back at you, blue Racer snakes sit waiting to catch a bat flying by, white crabs feed blindly in the shallow pools of water and the long antennae of cave crickets pick up your movements as you pass by.
  • As the cave becomes larger some of the best formations in Mulu are presented to you via stunning lighting. The wide plank walk path allows you to look around you and thoroughly enjoy this amazing experience.
  • This cave is highly regarded by scientists as it contains huge volumes of pre-historic sediments, including a volcanic ash layer.

Bring your own torchlight. The cave is a combination of show cave and wild, unlit cave

Treks & Trails
August 2, 2017


MYR 45.00

*per person includes guide fee.

DURATION: 2 hours

START TIMES: 07:00, 08:30, 10:00, 10:30, 13:00, 14:00 DAILY


  • Children must be 6 years and above.
  • Group size limit - 8 people only
  • The Mulu canopy walk is a 480 metre walkway, suspended 25 metres above the forest floor and still one of the longest tree based canopy walks in the world.
  • Walk in the lush tree tops with tranquil river views below and compare the vegetation of riverine forest floor to the understory, the treetops and nearby limestone cliffs. A unique opportunity to get closer to the rainforest ‘web of life’.
  • BOOKING ESSENTIAL during the busy season as it easily sells out.
  • Early morning tours are advised for birders.
Treks & Trails
July 2, 2017


MYR 22.00 *per person includes guide fee.

DURATION: 1-2 hours

START TIME: 19:00/19:30  (*depending on DAILY Weather)


BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL as group sizes are limited to enhance your experience. If it is raining, departure can be delayed up to 30 minutes before the tour is cancelled by your Park guide. A refund will be arranged the next day if the tour is cancelled before departure.

Mulu is a rich habitat for thousands of nocturnal species which prefer the darkness of night to protect them from predators. Although the forest is an orchestra of sounds at night, the visitor must move quietly to catch Mulu’s weird and wonderful creatures in the lights.

This tour is an excellent introduction to learn where to look and train the eye for the Mulu experience.

  • Be sure to take raingear.
  • Too much insect repellant has the tendency to warn other animals of your presence, thus making it more difficult to see.
  • Requires patience and a very quiet approach
  • The Guide is reliant on animals appearing or not. Please make it easy for the Guide and ask questions.

Bring your own torchlight

Treks & Trails
May 2, 2017


MYR 170.00

* Price per person include guide and camp fee

Advance booking required. Minimum tour 3 person

Basic forest hut provides overnight shelter and the guide is not only a treasure chest of information about this environment, but essential for your safety to ensure that you return to Park HQ.

You need:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Insect repellent
  • Gas cartridges (available from Park shop)
  • Food (available from Park shop)

The camp provides small gas stoves and basic cooking equipment.

If you want to do trekking only (6 hrs) to camp 1, the price will be RM140 per person (require minimum of 3 to proceed), guide is compulsory.

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“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”

- Albert Einstein

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