Long Langsat Riverwalk

MYR 90 (Unguided)
MYR 150 (Guided)

DURATION: 3 to 4 hours

WHAT TO TAKE:  Water shoes

Advance booking required

Minimum tour 3 person

A longboat trip takes you down the Sungai Melinau before entering the much larger Sungai Tutoh. Along the way you can stop at Long Iman to meet the local Penan people and learn a little about their customs. A small handicraft market in the longest longhouse in Mulu sells exquisite hand-woven bags and mats.

Once in the smaller Langsat River you will leave the boat behind and trek upstream in a narrow valley to some natural spa pools.

Take your time to enjoy a river walk and sit under the small waterfalls in this secluded and precious part of Mulu.

This environment is untouched by people and a privilege to visit. We remind our visitors how important it is that they respect this and be responsible visitors. Please keep it that way and bring back all you rubbish.

Most of the boat operators are Penan and do not speak English – if you think this would be a problem you should hire a Park Guide to accompany you.