Long Iman Ba'Desai Waterfall

MYR 95 (Unguided)
MYR 185 (Guided)

DURATION: 5 hours

Advance booking required

Minimum tour 3 person

A longboat trip takes you down the Melinau River and then up the much larger Tutoh River. You will disembark at the Penan settlement of Long Iman where you can wander through the longhouse and purchase local handicrafts direct from the community. A trip to Long Iman can be unguided, but if you want to proceed to the waterfall you will need a guide. Your Long Iman guide will show you the way on the 40 minute walk from the longhouse to the waterfall. The spa pools offer refreshing tranquillity in the rainforest where you can enjoy a picnic lunch. Be sure to arrange a picnic lunch at Café Mulu or bring your own as there are no food or drink outlets along the way.

Most of the boat operators are Penan and speak limited English – if you think this would be a problem you should hire a Park Guide to accompany you.