Clearwater & Winds

CLEARWATER & WINDS Previous image Next image MYR 67.00 *per person includes guide and longboat fees. DURATION: 4 hours – DAILY tours START TIMES: 08:45/09:15 WHAT TO BRING: Swimming costume, Raincoat/poncho, sturdy non-slip shoes, torchlight, insect repellant Cruise up the Melinau river in a longboat and visit a Penan longhouse & market at Batu Bungan (market not open on Sundays). 2nd stop at […]

Deer & Lang

DEER & LANG Previous image Next image MYR 35.00 *per person includes guide fee. DURATION: 3 hours + bat exodus START TIMES: 14:00/ 14:30 at Park HQ -DAILY TOURS TOTAL DISTANCE: 9km WHAT TO BRING: Raincoat/poncho, sturdy non-slip shoes, torchlight, insect repellent, cash (RM – drinks and snacks for sale @the Bat Observatory) A 3km almost flat walk on raised plank walks takes you […]


FASTLANE Previous image Next image MYR 65.00 *per person includes guide and boat fee. DURATION: 2 and a half hours START TIME: 14:00 DAILY A short boat ride up the Melinau, a 10-20 minute walk through the rainforest and a climb up the steps to the cave entrance brings you to the start of a 1,5km underground […]