The Team


  Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is responsible for the management of all the totally Protected Areas of Sarawak, including Gunung Mulu National Park which has been divided into 2 distinct zones. SFC is responsible for the management of the Wilderness Zone which is more than 90% of the Park area.

Borsarmulu Park Management Sdn Bhd (BPM) has been appointed by the Sarawak Government as the Managing Agent for the Tourism Zone with the responsibility to implement the recommendations of the Integrated Development and Management Plan. This private company’s involvement does not mean that the park has been privatized. Borsarmulu Sdn Bhd.  is required to implement and support a program of development, operational and maintenance activities under the strict directive of the Government of Sarawak.


On the banks of the Melinau and Tutoh rivers live the Orang Ulu or ‘Up-river People’, a diverse group consisting of many cultures. These rivers form the lifeblood of the rainforest and the caves. They still remain the only transport routes and are used daily in the life of the rainforest peoples. The Orang Ulu all share a remarkable understanding of the rainforest which they have used for generations for their food, medicines, clothing, tool making and building shelters.

On your way to Clearwater Cave, you will visit a Penan settlement at the Batu Bungan handicraft market. Another Penan community and handicraft market can be found downstream in the larger Tutoh river at Long Iman. Arrange a boat at Park HQ if you want to visit. The Berawan community of Mulu originates from a downriver village called Long Terawan. The village is also happy to receive visitors.

Borsarmulu employs local people as far as possible and staff consist of Berawan, Penan, Kelabit, Iban, Kayan, Kenya, Lun Bawang, Saban and Tering. Ninety seven percent of the workforce at Mulu Park is of local origin.