Long Iman Ba’Desai Waterfall

MYR 95 (Unguided), MYR 185 (Guided)

Advance booking required.
Minimum tour 3 person


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The tour travels down the Melinau River before entering the larger Tutoh River and travelling upstream to Long Iman, a Penan settlement where you will be greeted by a local guide. Here you will have the opportunity to wander through the longhouse, their medicinal garden and purchase  local handicrafts direct from the community.

This is a beautifully secluded place, untouched by people and development and a privilege to visit. We remind any of our visitors how important it is that they respect this and help in its protection by being responsible visitors.

When you’re ready to take the 40 minute walk out the Ba’Desai Waterfall along a local trail, your Long Iman guide will show you the way. Arriving at this oasis in the wilderness will not disappoint  and it’s is a great spot to enjoy your picnic lunch, immerse yourself in the tranquil surrounds of nature and cool off in the refreshing pools of Ba’Desai.

Spend as much time as you like splashing and swimming in its waters or sit under the small water falls that make natural spa pools.

The entire trip takes around five hours and we recommend arranging a picnic lunch the day before, as there will not be any food or drink outlets along the way.

Most of the boat operators are Penan and speak limited English – so if you think this would be a problem you should hire a World Heritage Guide to accompany you.